Fullstack Developer

Fullstack Developer

ATAK is an ambitious web- and online marketing company based in Østerbro, Copenhagen. We help our clients with unique solutions regarding online reputation and SEO management. We consider ourselves as a market leader because of our experience, knowledge and customer-specific solutions. Our clients vary between larger companies and SMBs and we do our best to treat everyone equal. International customers are coming in at a good flow and there are several exciting projects in the pipeline.

The position:

The way we measure Online Reputation today is systematically structured with several processes and sub-tasks. Which all lead to a larger number of KPI’s that we use to calculate a score that we call a Reputation Score. These processes are manually generated today from a lager variety of lookups with instances and partners.
What we need you to do is setting up a HTTP based system for data management. The data have to be stored in databases for future markups with fresh generated data. The candidate for this job will therefore be able to work with data science problems, extracting data, merging data and conducting data analysis.
The point is to measure chronological performance of each client.

We hope that you:

– learned software development from scratch
– are familiar with basic/advanced techniques in data science
– love servers and especially UNIX platforms
– have build or played with webcrawling and indexing
– know how to access and use cloud resources such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure

You definitely:

– know your way around API and like to build your own integrations
– have a solid knowledge of Python, PHP, SQL and maybe Java
– are able to comprehend technical documentation

It would be great if you:

– have knowledge about SEO and SEO-tools
– have a calm attitude and see challenges as a way to get smarter
– prefer doing your work on a Linux platform

About us:

ATAK is a consultancy company that have existed for 20 years and we are growing at a steady pace with our clients each day. We are known in the media as leading experts in Reputation Management and are market leaders in the North in our area of business. We help companies and private individuals creating a good online reputation or getting them on track from a Shit Storm. We work as a datadriven company and data is our most effective tool in solving our clients problem.

We now need you to help us get more data focused and well sorted to react faster and better for our clients in the future.